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Below are links to a variety of research reports and publications resulting from the work of the Forests and Oceans for the Future Research Group, as well as other relevant publications.

Sustainable Forestry, Traditional Economies, and Community Well-Being (2007-2009)

In a project funded by the Forest Investment Account, Forest Science Program, the Forests and Oceans for the Future Research Group developed social indicators to assist in sustainable forest management. Click here for more information and samples of videos produced during the research.

Transformational Sites of Indigenous Education

Seven papers resulting from Forest and Oceans for the Future research were published in the Canadian Journal of Native Education (Volume 28, 2004, Numbers 1/2). Click here to read articles...


Climate Change and Diet, 2005

Final Summer 2005 Fieldwork Report by Robin Anderson. Download pdf here.

Policy Summary Report, 2002

The initial report by the Research Group investingate ecosystem management and local ecological knowledge. Click here to read report.




Stories from Home: First Nations, Land Claims, and Euro-Canadians. American Ethnologist. Vol. 21:4, 1994

Working in the Woods: Tsimshian Resource Workers and the Forest Industry of British Columbia. American Indian Quarterly. Vol. 25:3, 2001

Out of the Woods: Tsimshian Women and Forest Work. Anthropology of Work Review. Vol. XXI:2, 2001

Reflections on Research with, for, and among Indigenous Peoples. Canadian Journal of Native Education. Vol. 25:1, 2001

Northern Tsimshian Elderberry Use in the Late Pre-Contact to Post-Contact Era. Canadian Journal of Archaeology. Vol. 28, 2004